Dec 20, 2013

Gas - Fuel SAVING Systems-The "How & Why" of Hydrogen

Fuel/Gas SAVING Systems

There are numerous benefits from the use of hydrogen as fuel in your vehicle.
The most notable is an increase in horsepower and up to a 50% decrease in harmful green house gas emissions, as well as 30% to 50% increase in fuel efficiency.
1) Acts as a solvent to cleanse out all the gunk and carbon build-up from the petroleum based fuel used in our engine.
2) Reduce the engine temperature and result in a more complete burn than conventional gas or diesel fuels.
3) They improve gas mileage!

4) They clean out carbon deposits out of your engine!

5) Increase to the equivalent of 120 octane booster to your air/fuel mix!

6) Increases horsepower!

7) Will NOT damage your engine.
 What makes our Hydrogen Fuel Systems better than the rest?

That’s a good question! We get asked that from people all the time that   are searching the Internet trying to find the best hydrogen generator for their vehicle.
There are many good companies working with this technology, unfortunately, there are also a lot of backyard engineers trying to separate you from your hard earned money.
We want to educate you with the differences between companies so that you have all of the facts to make a good decision on what hydrogen system is best for you and your vehicle.
The new On-Demand hydrogen generators have become a viable option for vehicle owners everywhere who want to reduce the cost of fueling their vehicles, increase their horsepower and lower emissions.
For starters our systems only use the highest grade 316L stainless steel components for the production of hydrogen, and produces high volumes of pure hydrogen and oxygen gases to achieve your goals.
We also provide our customers a lifetime supply of Electrolyte to be used as a catalyst when mixed with water.
We also offer the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty on our product. What does that mean to you? It means 3, 5, or 10 years down the road if your system ever breaks, leaks, wears out, stops working, etc… If we can’t repair it like new, we will send you out a new unit. Now that is great customer service and confidence in our product.
We want to earn your business by providing you with a great quality product along with world class customer service.
Our commitment and promise to you, the consumer, is to always keep quality and safety as our top priority before profit. Our systems are an on demand hydrogen fuel cell and only produce hydrogen when you need it. No storage tanks, for the safety of you and your passengers.
We dedicate our research and resources towards developing a product that stands for safety, quality, and durability.

If you're just beginning your search into the hydrogen On-Demand technology you are probably going to have many questions, so please take your time browsing through our site and feel free to give us a call us with any questions that you might have. We have a great crew that is standing by and happy to assist you.

That being said, let me explain why a Hydrogen Generator system works!
First you need to understand that the Hydrogen isn’t supposed to replace the gasoline in your vehicle, it’s supposed to assist the gasoline.
It’s well known that an Internal combustive engine only has about a 40% efficient fuel burn and 50-70% of the fuel (gas or diesel) that you purchase is un-burned during the combustion process. Diesel engines normally expel this un-burned fuel directly out of the exhaust pipe. On gasoline engines this un-burned fuel goes into the catalytic converter, where it is re-burned and wasted. To make matters even worse, the constant build up of this un-burned fuel (inside the catalytic converter) restricts the flow of exhaust, which ultimately wastes even more fuel. 
Hydrogen has a faster flame speed than gasoline and will act as a catalyst to help the gasoline burn more cleanly and completely. This is why only a small amount of hydrogen is needed.

A small amount of hydrogen causes a chain reaction with gasoline which burns more completely with less carbon deposits and runs cooler than without Hydrogen.

Now, let me explain 
how a Hydrogen Generator system works!
Through the process of electrolysis, we run a small amount of electrical current through your cars battery into the hydrogen generator which will separate the water into its basic elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO). Then it will inject this hydroxy gas into your vehicles engine intake through a vacuum hose (which is included with our systems) thru your vehicle's air intake system, where the Hydroxy gas is combined with your vehicle's ordinary fuel/air mixture.

By mixing this hydroxy gas with your regular fuel, the combustion efficiency is greatly improved resulting in a substantial increase in fuel economy up to 50% or more.
By converting water into its basic elements Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO) and then combining those elements with your regular fuel, you can achieve anywhere from 10-50% better gas mileage and reduce harmful emissions by up to 90%. Our hydrogen generators are designed to work with ANY internal combustion engine and can be used with ANY type of fuel.
Once the HHO gas is in the engine, it will help increase the flame spread during the combustion process. The Hydroxy gas will make the flame in your engine burn faster. In other words, all of the gas that you are putting into your cars gas tank is being used to power your car, and not being lost as unused waste out of your exhaust pipe
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