Dec 23, 2014

Food Fails, Bad Food Managment

10 Most Common Emergency Food Fails


Prepare your Garden to Produce!

How To Prep Your Garden for ProDuce


How To Prepare Your Garden so you are ready for planting next Winter or Spring by
We all want to know how to prepare our garden so next year we can produce a great deal of fruit and vegetables for ourselves. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year when we need  to clean out the garden, the flower beds, prune the trees, and fertilize. I will miss my fresh tomatoes, lettuce, basil and cucumbers. I didn’t get a lot of squash this year, it usually goes gang busters. Not this year though. I have a really small yard but it still takes time to clean out the garden and cut back shrubs that are overgrown. I have a few flower pots with perennials that I enjoy in the spring and summer. There is something amazing when you see those flower buds just about to bloom. Gotta love it! Do you love watching for the vegetable seeds to start peeking out of the soil? Life is good!

How To Prepare Your Garden so you are ready for planting next Winter or Spring by
In case you are wondering, I live in the desert and therefore I chose to buy raised garden boxes. I used to have large gardens with a tiller and rows and rows of vegetables. I still grow enough vegetables for my family and a few neighbors. I would like to add some more raised garden boxes next year to grow even more vegetables. Let’s get started with what to do with your garden spots, etc. I love to “put my garden to bed” for the winter, so to speak. I believe if you take care of your yard you have respect for your neighbors. It is our responsibility to keep the neighborhood clean and weed free where we live. It helps with the values of our properties as well.
The first thing we need to do is remove the plants that are finished producing the vegetables we enjoyed through this last season. Add some extra soil, manure or compost to make your soil more productive next year. Till or cultivate the new products into your soil. You will notice I have coffee grinds shown below from a local coffee shop. They are FREE and you can pick them up all year round. They give the garden some extra nitrogen, but they also keep the neighbor cats out of my flower and raised garden beds. I sprinkled the coffee grinds on the top of the soil so the cats will stay out of my flower pots and garden areas.
How To Prepare Your Garden so you are ready for planting next Spring by

Free Coffee Grinds

This picture below shows the clumps of the coffee grinds. They worked great for the entire summer to ward off the local cats from using them as a litter box. Yay!
How To Prepare Your Garden so you are ready for planting next Spring by

Fresh Soil Then Coffee Grinds

Here I added some fresh soil to my flower pots and sprinkled the local coffee shop coffee grinds over the soil to keep the local cats out of my flowers. Coffee grinds keep the cats from using your soil as a litter box. I wanted to use something safe because I love animals. Just not in my garden and flower beds.
How To Prepare Your Garden so you are ready for planting next Spring by

Cut Back Perennials-Prune Trees-Weed

It’s always sad to cut back my perennials, but if I cut them back now they will bloom and and have beautiful flowers to enjoy next year.
How To Prepare Your Garden so you are ready for planting next Spring by

Take Care Of Garden Tools

Lastly, take care of your garden tools and they will last for years. Wash and dry them all before storing them for the winter.
How To Prepare Your Garden so you are ready for planting next Spring by
Have you cleaned up your yard, pruned or weeded your yard yet? Its just starting to get really cold here….share some tips and I will add them to my list. Check out the garden areas of your local stores, this is a perfect time to pick up garden gloves half price.
Please visit Prepared-Housewives there is an article about Kohlrabi written by Mike the Gardener

Dec 20, 2014

Public Educ. "Stupid Is, as Stupid Does" .

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"Stupid Is, as Stupid Does"
Forest Gump

"Common Core" education is the Dumbing DOWN of, and for, the control of America

Brought to you through the deMented intellectual gymnastics of Stalinist "progressive liberal Demoncrats"
"PLD"=Self serving criminal behavior (in Gov't) under the guise of legislating "Liberty" at the public expense.

"Communist Core" its not designed for education, its designed for control. 


Dec 15, 2014

Teaching Kids to Survive

"Prepping isn’t about talking… It’s about doing. It’s about learning."

Turning Your Child into a Survivor

As preppers and modern survivalists we’re all concerned about what we can do to ensure that we can survive any disaster, weather any storm and being ready for all of the SHTF moments and scenarios life can throw at us. I think it’s important sometimes to take a step back from this stuff and remember the big picture. It doesn’t really matter how prepared you are, how much food you have stockpiled or how many guns and bullets you have. One day you will die.

It’s kind of dark and even depressing to think about but it’s important to remember. We are all finite beings. There is no prep out there that will keep the grim reaper away indefinitely. With this in mind, we need to start looking at things that we can do now to prepare for that reality. Who are you going to leave behind? You might be prepared for anything, but what about your children? Have you instilled a prepper mindset into your kids? Are they ready to face a of life’s disasters head on and thrive?

How to talk to your kids about prepping
It’s hard enough to talk to adults about the importance of prepping. Most people simply aren’t ready for their illusion of modern society to be broken. Teaching children about prepping can sometimes be even harder. Most kids are blissfully unaware of the realities of the world around them. And yes, while it is our job as parents to protect them and take care of the big stuff for them, we’re not going to be around forever…and in a SHTF disaster scenario, the chances that you may not actually be one of the survivors, despite your preparations is higher than most of us are willing to admit.
So with that in mind, what can we do now to start teaching our kids about preparedness? You don’t need to have the “prepper talk” with your kids. They’re unlikely to understand it, they’ll probably be ridiculed by their peers as soon as word gets out that Jimmy or Sally is a “doomsday prepper” and in reality you don’t need to have that talk.
Prepping isn’t about talking… It’s about doing. It’s about learning.

Teach your kids basic survival skills – The basic skills our grandparents and their grandparents used on a daily basis are sadly becoming extinct thanks to modern conveniences. We need to teach our children these basic survival skills so that they can be ready if the time comes to use them.

  • How to build a fire without matches
  • How to hunt
  • How to  tie basic knots
  • How to purify water
  • How to cook without power and running water
  • How to make a shelter
  • How to do basic first aid on themselves and others
  • How to defend themselves

Teach your kids how fragile their world really is – Most children today have really no idea how fragile things like our food supply, governments and economy are. If we don’t teach them about these things no one will. Teach them about…
  • The real meaning of money – how it’s made, what money really is, why the economy is in the state it’s in.
  • Liberty – Why this country was founded, the principles it was founded on and why no man/women should be a slave to anyone, including their government
  • Financial responsibility – Teach them about saving money, insurance, how debt works and how it really is cancer.
  • Work Ethic – How there’s really no such thing a free lunch and that it’s their job to work for the things they want in life.
  • Food and water storage – Explain the real reasons why you store food and water. Not because the zombies or pandemics are coming, but because stored food is insurance. It’s an investment in your future survival no matter what kind of disaster you might face.

Today’s children have a tough road ahead of them. Even if the big SHTF disaster never comes, they’re likely to face continued economic troubles, oppressive governments and they’ll continue to be inundated with the unsustainable ideals from the “entitlement” generations and THEIR kids. They’ll face adults who think it’s their job to undo the lessons of self-reliance you’ve instilled in them. They’ll also face all the same day to day disaster threats that we all do like personal security and financial security. There may come a time that (god forbid) they will need to rely on basic survival skills to get them out of a serious jam.
It’s our responsibility as parents to not only prepare ourselves for disaster but to prepare our children as well. Far too many parents of years past failed in their parental responsibilities and have created a convenience-centered, fragile society in the hopes of sheltering their kids from the world around them. Well… take a look around. Take a look at all the modern disaster threats we face today whether people want to admit to them or not and how blissfully unprepared most of the world is. How’d that work out? Not well would be my answer.
We need to break that cycle of what I’m calling “ignorance-education”. We need to teach our children that the world isn’t perfect, that they’re not entitled to whatever they want without working for it and we need to teach them to pass on these lessons to future generations so that one day we can hopefully re-educate our society and reclaim the liberty and responsibility that this country was founded on.

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Dec 8, 2014

Disaster Aftermath, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Kits

Disaster Preparedness;
 Aftermath of a natural disaster

All Battles are won or Lost, Before they are fought.

Source: by Michele Sandusky,

Emergency Prepardeness Disaster Survival Kits Your Preparedness for a Disaster should include an Emergency Disaster Kit. On this page you will find the best emergency 72 hour survival kits and most importantly helpful and life saving Survival tips Recent natural disasters round the world have highlighted the need to have our own emergency response procedures in place for our own families. Disaster survival and emergency response plans should be top priority, along with your survival gear list. How would you survive if a flood emergency, earthquake disaster, destructive hurricane or tornado were to hit your area? Don't put yourself in the position of having to depend on some outside source to come to your immediate aid. That isn't always possible. The time to prepare is now! Every family should have a basic emergency preparedness plan for evacuation, and what they need to get by on their own for at least three days. A Survival Kit with Essentials to Survive Disasters for coping in Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Flood, you will be safe in the knowledge that you and your family have this Emergency Disaster Preparedness Family Kit and it includes Safety items, First aid and lots more
What do you think? Do you think we should all have our own emergency kits ?
Yes, at least I know we would be okay until we could find out what was going on.
No,  I trust the authorities even in a disaster situation,they will provide all we'll need.

 Wildfire Wildfires and other Fast Occurring Dangers - Make a Ready to Go Bag a Necessity
While one usually has some time to prepare for and evacuate from the danger of hurricanes, other natural disasters can strike so quickly that you have time only to flee. Wildfires, for example, can race towards homes at breakneck speed with a drastic change in wind condition and direction. While you may know that there is a wildfire nearby, you may suddenly be faced with the necessity of getting up and out of the house within minutes if a monster fire suddenly heads in your direction. There is no time at all to rush around packing a go bag under those conditions.
However, you can monitor your local drought conditions using free drought monitors found on the internet. The higher your drought index, the greater the danger there is that wildfires can start.
A 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack is what I think of as a basic or starter kit. It will aid in your basic survival, and it probably a good place to start if you don't already have a survival kit. Be sure you add in important papers - passports, drivers license, birth certificates, proof of insurance coverage - and prescriptions and essential medications. It's called "grab and go" for a reason. You may not have time to retrieve all these things at the last minute - just time to grab a pre-packed bag, and GO.

Ready America ( makes one that comes with everything right down to sleeping bags and a pack of cards, all in an easy to grab holdall, enough to keep you and your family safe until you can find out what is happening in the area. Be prepared for ANY emergency Hoping a Disaster Doesn't Strike Just Isn't Enough It is the most awful thing to watch all the news coverage from countries affected by natural disasters, and the look of shock covering their faces, many just stumbling around, this is one of those items you really do hope that you never need to use it. But do you really want to take that chance, Whether it be a natural disaster, like an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, or flood, or a human inflicted one, ensure you and your family are equipped The best way to ensure you are prepared is by purchasing on of the many fantastic emergency survival kits available. All include the basic essentials to ensure you and your family can survive the crucial first 72 hours until your government provides you with their plan.
There are lots of pre-packed emergency kits to choose from, including Grab and Go bags, such as the one shown above. There is a wide variety of emergency kits, as well as disaster planning advice, and other resources, available at American Family Safety's website. They even have emergency go bags for cats and dogs.

Three Keys Three Keys Source: By Honza Groh (Jagro) (VlastnĂ­ fotografie/ Own work)
Keys to Survival Three important keys to surviving a disaster, rather than it surviving you are;

Know what disasters - natural and manmade - are most likely to hit your area, and learn all yuo van about othem For example, if you are in an area subject to flash flooding, learn what causes them, and how they behave. Know how exactly how much water is an inconvenience and how much is a threat. lLearn where your threats will come from, and under what circumstances.
Be aware of any current conditions that could advance into your area to threaten you. If, for instance, you are in a hurricane prone area, be aware of the current long and short term forecasts. Make it a point to know about any potential tropical development that could even possibly turn towards your area. Know what the NHC's cone really means, not just whether you might be inside it or not.
That's what this page is about - in part. However, this page cotains general information about one specific type of preparation. You'll need to know how to prepare your home and family, and create a family contingency play. That plan may include evacuation (either instant or planned) or sheltering in place. Backpacks make good go bags Backpacks make good go bags Source: public domain clip art Important Things for Your Go Bag or Bug-out Bag Once you have your basic Go Bag, or Grab-n'-Go Kit, you're still not quite ready to go.
Think about what you absolutely, positively MUST have if you must leave your home, and may not be able to get back into it for a prolonged period of time, or ever.
Here's a starter list of things to add to the basic survival kit, along with the three days worth of food, water, first aid, and other survival essentials in it:
Passports, Drivers License, Birth Certificates, Proof of Insurance Coverage, Prescriptions, and essential Medications, Cash Money!
It's called a Grag and Go Bag for a reason. Beause you should be able to pick it up and walk out the door with it. You may not have time to round up all of the items listed above, and the others that you will want to add. Survival -Water Supply - Water is Essential to Life Securing a dependable water supply will possibly be your biggest challenge. You should need on average a gallon of water per person a day. For drinking and cooking. No matter how safe and secure you think your water supply is right now, it can be compromised in a number of ways during floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes. Our water supplies are not 100% safe and invulnerable.
General Ecology First Need XL Water PurifierGeneral Ecology First Need XL Water Purifier The affordable Water Filter/Purifier (1 filter/purifier) unit won a "Gear of The Year" award from Outside magazine. Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets

Hurricane Jeanne Did Some Real Damage Damage done by Hurricane Jeanne to a beachside home Damage done by Hurricane Jeanne to a beach side home Source: By Mark Wolfe (This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

 Damage done by Hurricane Jeanne to a beachside home
Hurricanes can bring about temporary food and water shortages Right after Hurricane Jeanne, you could not buy food within 30 miles of our house. Residents had emptied the store shelves of non-perishable foods and bottled water as the storm approached. By the time the storm left, the frozen and refrigerated food that had been left in the stores prior to the storm could not be sold because the power went out early on, and refigeration with it. Anyone who did not already have a supply of non perishable food had to drive at least 50 miles to get some.... IF they had remembered to fill their gas tanks before the storm. (Gas was unavailable locally, too.) It was a couple more days before deliveries could be resumed, and some homes were still without power 8 - 10 days later. So, there's one real life example of a food shortage, albeit a temporary one, that we experiencecd.  

Emergency Food supply - Food Shortages
Governments estimate each household has enough food for approx 3-4 days, but this includes fresh foods. which don't last long without refigeration. . You can purchase a Family Emergency Food Supply Kit which includes everything imaginable from emergency food preparedness to emergency tools and shelter equipment. There are also specially packaged survival foods, and freeze dried foods with a stated shelf life of anywhere from one to 25 years. You may even need a way to do cooking on a temporary facility Power sources - including both electricity and gas can be disrupted.
Emergency Energy - Heat, light, power - We Have Been Without Power for DAYS from Hurricane Strikes. Heat & light two very important components, not only will a hot drink keep you warm, but also hot food, it is essential you have made provisions for making heat. Extra flashlights, lanterns, and batteries shouldn't be something you have to go out and buy at the last minute. There's too much else to do when things happen. We keep a whole drawer full of batteries in all sizes, and buy extras at the beginning of each hurricane season.
But, you never know. Another important piece of equipment is an emergency radio that can operate even after your last battery is used up.

Ambient Weather WR-333-AC Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio, Flashlight, Smart Phone Charger with AC Adaptor
Here's  one that has some very important additional features. Are you prepared to ensure the survival of you and your family when disaster strikes? When something happens, it's a bit late to start learning survival skills, first aid, and the things that may make a real difference in an emergency. Start making your own emergency supply list now. Then, begin making sure you have the things on it... giving priority to obtaining the most crucial ones first, of course. Depending on where you live, some items will be important for you, while others will not. 

For example, Survival Blankets are essential for someone living in an area that experiences blizzards, but not so quite so much for a Floridian planning for hurricane survival. When something is about to happen, its no time to start getting ready. Just knowing what you will need, is not the same thing as already having what you need on hand.
Emergency kits are being auctioned off at eBay. See what you need? Why not place a bid now?

All Battles are won or Lost, Before they are fought.